What is a smart short link?

A smart short link is designed to be more versatile and dynamic than a regular short link. Both provide a shortened version of an URL, but a smart short link allows for much more functionality. It allows the creator of the link to track clicks, redirect users to different pages based on their device or location, and provide additional functionality such as analytics and A/B testing. A regular short link, on the other hand, is simply a shortened version of a URL that redirects users to the original website or page. It does not provide any additional functionality beyond redirecting users to the original link. Smart short links also have the ability to redirect the user to the correct app store or website depending on the user's device, for example a smart link can redirect an iPhone user to the Apple App Store and an android user to the Google Play Store. They are often used in marketing campaigns to track the effectiveness of different marketing efforts and to optimize the user experience. Smart short links are often dynamic where you can edit the target URL without the short link is changing. This is great for printed QR codes.
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